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    Lawyers Universal House is an international law firm in Iran

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    We offer full professional and specialized services in Iran

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    Choosing LUH Choosing Success

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About LUH

Lawyers Universal House (LUH) is a major international full-service law firm based in Iran. We offer full professional and specialized services through our office in Iran. Our highly skilled legal teams have good knowledge of domestic, regional and international law and regulations, particularly in the Persian Gulf countries.


This department specializes in transportation law. Our members offer a full range of legal services, from the general representation of business entities to all types and counseling for persons and entities involved in transportation law. We are leaders in the field in admiralty law, marine law, air law, rail, trucking, freight forwarding and third-party logistics .we also provide counseling and litigation services to shipper, intermediary, and carrier clients across the nation on matters of motor, rail, air and ocean transportation law, including:

a.     insurance

b.     policy drafting and coverage interpretation

c.      personal injury

d.     product liability

e.     cargo loss and damage

f.      freight charges

g.     contracts, tariffs and service guides

h.     preference claims and bankruptcy-related matters

i.      obtaining operating authority

j.      regulatory compliance

k.      motor carrier employment Issues

retainer service.


Expert advice

Twenty four specialized departments

We are able to serve the needs of business, non-profit organizations and individual clients, both locally and internationally, based on our in-depth understanding.

Our attorneys